"Monomythos" is a so-called motion collage which deals with the topic of the refugee situation in Germany. The animation is based on the unknown world stages of the hero's journey according to US-American screenwriter Christopher Vogler. Out of the pure uncertainty on this topic despite its relevance, this emotional audiovisual project was conceived. The animation embodies the feelings of the refugees and the above-mentioned dramaturgy scheme.

The heart-warming heroic journey is characterized by the background music by L.A.-based musician "Feverkin". The sensitive mood of the animation aroused from an interview with the refugee Mahamuod Abdi from Somalia and his godfather Thomas Strohalm.

The animation stages a hybrid style that sets itself apart from projects dealing with the same topic. Moreover, it aims to deny refugee-related prejudices. Although the refugee situation in Germany has become an everyday topic in recent years, this does not mean that the heroic traits of the refugees should be underestimated. In that sense the aim of the project was to raise awareness on this transcendent issue, since the topic is seen as a highlight of a political era that is gradually coming to an end.

Rhineland-Palatinate Design Award 2020 (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)