Visual Identity for the Move Now Luxury Brokers Showroom in Cannes, France. 
Within the framework of the MIPIM 2023, Move Now Luxury Brokers was aiming to align its visual language for the European and the Asian market and wanted to evoke a sense of trust, but also of refinement when it comes to curating the best luxury real estate properties for the most selected clients. 
For this event, two golden brooches were developed based on the aforementioned markets in which the character of the shapes are a result of the intertwining of the cities were the luxury brokers have their high-end properties. The brooches are more than the visual appeal of the company, but rather the soul of their own genome that has iterated through the years and is proudly constituted by trust, networking and long-lasting relationships.
This genome became the face of the Brokers' in Cannes by emblazoning the walls. Alongside this, a see-through Europe Map was designed to showcase the Brokers' locations in Europe as well as their headquarters in the most renowned streets of Berlin and Paris.

Golden brooche for the European Market
Golden brooche for the Asian Market
Pattern of Move Now's genome
European Market Map with Property Locations and Headquarters
Stand Design